Let the Children Come | Mark 10:14-15

Welcome to Real Life. How do I feel about children? Are they important to me? Optional? A waste of my precious time? How does God feel about children?

Let's look at Jesus’ blessing of the children from another perspective.

Lately, it seems like my primary responsibility is crowd control. This is not what I signed up for when I decided to follow Jesus. But, I don’t mind. I don’t blame the crowds for coming to catch a glimpse of Jesus. I never know what remarkable thing he’ll do next. Give sight to the blind? Make paralyzed limbs move again? Restore the putrid skin of a leper? I even saw Jesus raise a dead man. For three days, his friend Lazarus lay decomposing in a tomb until the Lord called his name. Then Lazarus came wobbling out, still bound up in burial clothes. I almost fainted! Who, but God, can do that? No, I don’t blame people for coming.

However, a few days ago, parents started bringing their children to Jesus to be blessed. With everything the rabbi has to do and teach and save and heal, I thought this was a colossal waste of his time. Seriously, people are dying out there. So, I told them, “Go home! Don’t bother the rabbi. He’s too busy for this.” 

I thought I was helping. Boy was I wrong. When Jesus heard me, he got upset. He came right over and told me, “You don’t understand. These children are important. Let them come. God’s kingdom belongs to those who are like these little ones.” I’m not sure what he meant by that. But, I think it has to do with how pure and fresh and simple a child’s faith is.

One by one, he gathered those children into his arms and blessed them. He laughed. He tickled. He kissed soft baby cheeks. He swung boys and girls high into the air like sea gulls in flight until they squealed in delight. It made me wish I had grown up with a big brother like Jesus. Soon, all of us disciples joined in, laughing and playing with the little ones.

Let the children come!

Neighborhood kids at a Backyard Bible Club 2001
How do I view children? I am currently in a season of life with few children in my world. Yet, when I do have an opportunity to interact with a child, do I take it? Or, do I think children are unimportant, a waste of time?

Lord, help me value children as you do.

Taking it further ...


  1. The other day, I was sitting in a salon waiting to have my eyebrows waxed. I struck up a conversation with a little girl of 4 years, Lilianna. She took control of the conversation the way children do, asking a lot of questions and not waiting for the answers. I admit, I was a little bored; I don't view myself as being good with young children. I think I am better with teenagers. Later, while Anna was doing my eyebrows, she told me that Lilianna doesn't usually talk to strangers. She said, "She must have really like you." It made me see things from a different perspective. I was glad and ashamed at the same time. Once again, Peggi, thank you for continuing to remind us of who Jesus really was.

    1. Hooray, Linnea! You were able to post. Thanks, friend! (I've been having trouble with the comments section not appearing, as well as other issues, on my blog site.)

      I'm not particularly good with children. Which is why this Scripture spoke to me, I guess. I want to be better. I want to treat all (young-old, rich-poor, etc.) with love and respect as Christ does.

      Thanks again for sharing your story! Love you, friend!

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