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Forever, You Love Me | A Psalm of Peggi Tustan

Welcome to Real Life . When you think of God, what comes to mind? Lord, you are my refuge. When I am weak, when I am afraid, when I am insecure, I run to you. You are my safe place. I share the deepest secrets of my heart with you. I share my most difficult struggles with you. I confess my ugliest sin to you. When I feel unlovable, when I struggle to love myself, Still, you love me. You forgive me. You wash me. You restore me. You wrap me in the righteousness of your Son. You hear, you understand, you answer my cries. You go before me and behind me. You protect me from harm and evil. You keep me safe. You know every moment of my past. You see every moment of my future. You know me better than I know myself. And still, you love me. I do not have to pretend to be strong, or full of faith. You know the truth, because you know me. I do not have to strive to earn your love and approval. You love me as I am. Because you know me so well, you know what is best for me. Your plans for me are