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Live Fully!

Welcome to Real Life. How do we live fully? “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” –James Dean “I wish I had done more for God when I could, when I was strong and healthy,” my sister Theresa told me. She was in hospice care and contemplating the day she would stand before God and give an account of her life. Rather than contemplate this day of reckoning—some unknowable date in the future—we are more often encouraged to “Carpe diem!” [1]  Life is short, tomorrow is not promised, so make the most of this day. Book the flight. Laugh out loud. Eat dessert first. Don’t just live. Live fully! The Bible actually gives similar encouragement: Redeem the time. [2] Make the most of this day. But not by squeezing in as much pleasure as possible. Rather, fill this day with God and with good. Redeem the time because this life is fleeting. It is like a morning mist that disappears when the sun rises. [3] The longer I live, the quicker the years disappear. So, live fully e