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Speak Life! | James 3

Welcome to Real Life.  Our words speak life or death. Some things are better left unsaid, which I usually realize after I say them. Anonymous My friend Sandy broke her leg. Her lack of mobility has been frustrating as she must rely on others to meet her needs. So, she begins each morning with her surrender prayer. Help me be humble and grateful, Lord.  Keep me from acting ugly.  Guard my lips .  Don’t you love it? Her prayer so practical. It’s easy to let ugly words fly as we face daily frustrations. “The tongue is a fire” says James. [1]  When we camp, evenings are spent around the campfire, eating s’mores, sharing stories, and watching flames dance. The campfire warms and cheers us. It's safe because it's controlled. But when fires rage out-of-control, like the ones in California, they destroy land, homes, and even taken lives. So it is with the fire of our tongue. We can speak life or death. When our tongues are under control, they light fires of heali