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The Prodigal Son | Luke 15:11-31

Welcome to Real Life . We call it “The Prodigal Son.” However, the parable is really more about the father. The religious leaders were accusing Jesus of welcoming sinners. He tells this story to help them understand the heart of our Father God.      _____ It’s been a long day. I’m tired. Since Peter left, most days feel long. Without my son’s help, my workload has greatly increased. But, my exhaustion is more emotional than physical. I ache for Peter. Will I ever see him again? Where is he? He should be home, here, with me. I have so much to say, to teach, to give him. How do you love a child so far away? Peter’s departure didn't shock me. I sensed his growing discontent. But, it was his demand for an early inheritance that gauged a hole in my heart. He might as well have said, “I wish you were dead, Father.” I begged Peter to see the folly of his decision. He left anyway. How do you force an adult son to change his mind, to stay home, to love his father? It’s impossible.

Entitlement vs. Duty | Luke 12 and 17

Welcome to Real Life . Does God owe me? Recently, an 18-year-old sued her parents for child support and access to her college fund: Canning, an honor student at Morris Catholic High School, claims her parents threw her out of the house and would not support her beyond her 18th birthday unless she gave up her boyfriend. [1] She lost the first round in court. That the case even went to court marks a cultural shift. Legally, an 18-year-old is an adult. An adult is responsible for his or her own financial support. This was generally understood decades ago. After I turned 18, I no longer expected my parents to foot my bill. The world has changed. A college degree is more necessary today than ever before. Therefore, the need for parental support has extended into a child’s 20’s. However, this hasn't changed: parental support is tied to parental influence. When a child rejects a parent’s guidelines and expectations, should they expect that parent to fund their rebellion? This

Rich Man and Lazarus | Luke 16:19-31

Welcome to Real Life. “You made many, many poor people. I realize of course it's no shame to be poor, but it's no great honor either. Now what would be so terrible if I had a small fortune?” –Tevye (addressing God), Fiddler on the Roof Chicago's Extravagant Skyline “Oh, I’m so hungry,” the man groaned, “Can anyone spare some money for food?” Recently, I visited Chicago for the first time and rode the “L” train in from the airport. A tall middle-aged man boarded and began to beg. Fear was my initial response. This guy’s either high or mentally unstable. Will he pull a gun on us?   Then, I prayed—for his needs and for our safety.  At the next stop, a lovely young woman boarded. She sat directly across from the man. “Oh, I’m so hungry,” he began again. I watched the woman nonchalantly dig into her purse, reach across the aisle, and place a folded bill in the man’s hand. He thanked her and exited the train at the next stop. "Who is this brave young woman?"