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Anonymous Response to Josh Duggar’s Molestation Charges | Guest Post

Welcome to Real Life . Real Life can be painful, especially when it involves a childhood scarred by sexual molestation. Today’s guest post is by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. When I was a young girl I was molested by two of my brothers, my sister was also molested by one of them. It was a horrible experience. Every night I went to bed in fear, wondering if my oldest brother, who was an adult, would sneak in and fondle us. My sister and I told our mom about these visits, but she assured us he was just checking to be sure we were okay. She was naïve, and probably never imagined what was going on, nor could we clearly articulate what he was doing. Eventually, a lock was placed on our door and the visits stopped, but the fear of him has never gone away. That occurred when I was 12-15, the experience with my other brother started when I was younger. I was 9 or 10 at the time and he was probably 15 or 16, old enough for him to know better. Unfortunately, I didn’t know bette