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The God Who Sees Me | Genesis 16

Welcome to Real Life . When we run and hide, there is someone who cares enough to come looking for us. My keyboard must be broken. I keep hitting the escape key—but I’m still here. –Anonymous When life overwhelms us—when we’re hurt, confused, and troubled—we often run. We try to escape. We stop answering the phone. We binge Netflix. We open the fridge. We uncork the bottle. No matter where we hide, someone sees us. No matter where we run, someone comes looking for us. He is the Good Shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine to find one lost sheep. Throughout the Holy Script, God reveals this aspect of his character. In Genesis, before the law and the prophets, he seeks a young runaway. Her story begins with a promise God made to Abram (before renaming him Abraham). “Look at the stars. Can you count them? So shall your offspring be.” [1] One issue mocks the fulfillment of this promise. Abram’s wife Sarai [2] is barren. The pain of infertility cuts deep. She offers Abram Plan B: bear childre