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The Power of Pain: Causes and Cure of a Serial Killer

Welcome to Real Life . In light of recent tragedies, I wonder, “How can a human being murder innocent people, even children? What causes a boy to grow into a serial killer?” My friend’s story provides rare insight into the causes … and cure. The Power of Pain Douglas Hainer’s Story  (as told to Peggi Tustan) My earliest memory is being struck in the head with the butt of a rifle. It was my fourth birthday. My older sister, jealous of the attention I was receiving, hit me so hard that I tasted my own blood. I assumed she’d receive the beating of her life. Instead, mother just said, “Don’t do things like that to your little brother.” My young heart felt the sting of injustice. Would no one pay for my pain?  I grew up in a rough home. For fun, my siblings and I played a game where we stumbled about in our dark basement. Whomever we bumped into, we’d beat up with all our might. My mother used a board to keep us in line. During summer months, I waited until the red mar

Parable of the Soils | Matthew 13

Welcome to  Real Life . It’s February in Cleveland. The ground is frozen hard. No one is planting yet. No seed could penetrate the soil. How frozen hard is the soil of my heart?  A farmer sows seed. Some falls on the path. Birds eat it. Some seed falls in a rocky place where the soil is shallow. New plants spring up quickly, but wither in the hot sun since the roots aren’t deep enough. Other seed falls among weeds. The hearty weeds choke out the tender seedlings. And then, some seed falls into fertile soil. This seed grows into healthy plants that produce fruit, and that fruit produces seeds for more plants. From one seed in rich soil, the farmer yields as many as one hundred more plants.  Everyone loves a good story. Jesus is a master storyteller. He teaches using parables. His disciples don’t understand why. Why mask the truth behind a story? Just speak plainly. Jesus explains that the hearts of God’s people have hardened against spiritual truth. They enjoy an interesting t