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Only One Thing is Needed | Luke 10:38-42

Welcome to Real Life . There's so much to do. Who has time to sit and visit? A Culinary Masterpiece: "Squid Sashimi In Black Plate On Wood Table"   Opening our homes to one another is almost a lost art. Everyone is busy. Time is precious. And, in this era of Food Network, there’s added pressure to place before guests a culinary masterpiece. On his way to Jerusalem, Jesus stops in Bethany. He’s friends with three siblings who live there: Lazarus (whom he raised from the dead), Martha, and Mary. Martha invites Jesus to stay in their home. Since Jesus traveled with his disciples, Martha likely hosted a group. I've worn Martha's apron. I've hosted out-of-town guests. It's a joy and a privilege. Yet, it also involves plain hard work. Beds need to be made, the house cleaned, groceries bought, and meals prepared. While Jesus speaks to the group gathered in their home, Martha’s busy. I see her slicing vegetables, seasoning meat, stoking the kitchen fir

Who Is My Neighbor? | Luke 10:25-37

Welcome to Real Life .  Love your neighbor as yourself?  It's a tall order. “What’s she doing out in the cold?” Jill [1]  was driving home on a blustery January afternoon and noticed her neighbor hobbling down the street. People walk the neighborhood all the time, even on cold winter days. But, Jill knew something was amiss for 90-year-old Shirley to be out. She pulled in her driveway, parked, and walked over to meet Shirley, “Are you okay? Where are you going? Let’s get you home.” She walked her neighbor safely back to the house.  Shirley’s husband has been dealing with extended medical issues. People were re-arranging her home to accommodate his needs. Strangers were coming and going. The upheaval was just too much. So, Shirley took off down the street to clear her head. “You’re my best friend,” she gratefully told Jill as they walked home.      _____ An expert in the law asked Jesus, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” “What’s the law say?” Jesus responded. “