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More Than Enough | Matthew 14

Welcome to Real Life. How much is enough? My hobbies include eating and also thinking about the next time I will be eating. —Anonymous I’m not enough. I’m not strong enough, wise enough, holy enough. I wonder if the disciples felt this—all the time—in Jesus’ presence. And perhaps never more so than on the day they stood before five thousand hungry souls and Jesus said, “You give them something to eat.” Crowds had begun following Jesus everywhere. (Consider for a moment how exhausting that must have been!) On this particular day, Jesus withdrew to a remote location with his disciples. But the people found him. Not just a few, thousands showed up. When Jesus saw their faces, he didn’t grumble or sigh. His heart was moved with loving compassion. He welcomed them, taught them about God’s kingdom, and healed every sickness and disease. Later in the day, stomachs began growling. Unfortunately, Uber Eats did not deliver there. So, the disciples approached Jesus and said, “Lord, it’s late. Eve