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The Better Choice | Luke 10

Welcome to  Real Life. It's a fresh, new year! I haven’t mastered the art of sitting and smiling. –Ashely Wagner As much as I love decorating for Christmas, I also love taking down the decorations in January. The clutter is gone. My home feels fresh and clean. Similarly, as much as I fully embrace the fun and activities surrounding the celebration of our Savior’s birth, I also embrace the quiet of January. All the decorating, baking, gifting, and hosting has distracted me. I long to return to the pure, clean simplicity of my love and relationship with Jesus Christ. This morning, Mary helped me do that. In Luke 10, I read the account of Jesus’ friends, Mary and Martha. Martha graciously opens her home to Jesus and his disciples. As many of us experienced during the holidays, hosting guests takes a bit of work: planning, cleaning, shopping, meal and guest room preparations. Martha’s to-do list is long. She could use a helping hand. Her sister Mary, however, is just sitting at Jesus’