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Sabbath is for Man | Mark 2-3

Welcome to  Real Life . I am quick to pick up the gavel and play judge.  That person is so wrong!  But, whose rules am I using?  Am I going by God's rules or making up my own? How do we get it so wrong? The Pharisees were the theologians of Jesus’ day. They studied God’s Word. They knew the law. They kept the law. The problem: they added to the law. God set aside the seventh day, the Sabbath, as a day of rest. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were so bent on policing and adding stipulations to the “no work” rule that they forgot the reason behind the rule. It’s for our benefit. These bodies of flesh grow tired. If we keep working without taking a break, our bodies and minds break. Rest is critical for good health. Twice, the Pharisees condemn Jesus for breaking the Sabbath. First, he and his disciples are crossing a grain field. The disciples pick and eat some grain. The Pharisees notice. They accuse Jesus of letting his disciples break the Sabbath law. Jesus replies,

Your Sins are Forgiven | Mark 2

Welcome to Real Life . What do I really need? I want God to bless me with strength, health, and enough money to make me happy today. While, he is focused on my long-term needs. After people heard of Jesus’ miraculous healings, crowds hounded him everywhere. In Capernaum, he was teaching in a home. So many gathered; the crowd overflowed outside of the door. Four men arrived carrying their paralyzed friend. Seeing the wall of people and determined to reach Jesus, they dug through the flat, clay roof. Then, they lowered their friend into the room where Jesus stood. Seeing this, Jesus was amazed by their faith. “Son, your sins are forgiven,” he told the paralyzed man. A few teachers of the law were present. “This man is blaspheming. Who can forgive sin but God?” they thought to themselves. These experts in the law clearly recognized Jesus’ claim to divinity. Only God can forgive sin. And only God can hear unspoken thoughts. Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said, “Which is easier: to say to