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Mercy, Not Sacrifice | Matthew 9:9-13

Welcome to Real Life . For a long time, I had this verse taped to the wall by my kitchen sink. I needed the daily reminder. Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrifice. Dad and Mom at "Boot Camp" My elderly parents were living in Florida when their health began to fail. After Mom lost her lower leg to poor circulation, she landed in a nursing facility for rehabilitation. These facilities do the best they can with the staff they have. But, I knew Mom needed more attention than they could provide. So, I devised a plan to move my parents into my home in Ohio for a 6-week boot camp and whip Mom back into shape. (I know...pretty na├»ve, right?) Those six weeks stretched into a year. [1] It felt like (and it was) a huge sacrifice. Our lives changed drastically. One morning as I read God’s Word, He spoke this verse to me… Go and learn what this means, Peggi : I desire mercy, not sacrifice. I had the wrong focus. God wasn’t impressed by my sacrific