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Holy Ground | Exodus 3

Welcome to Real Life.  Where do we find holy ground? Pochvalen bud Pan Jezis Kristus!  “Praised be Jesus Christ!” my father would proclaim in Slovak as he entered our childhood home. Na veky vekov. “For ever and ever,” we replied. “Amen!” he concluded. So be it!      _____ Nowadays, upon entering our house, we remove our shoes. Our home is our sanctuary. It is an intimate, private space and not a common thoroughfare. Some cultures consider this an act of respect.      _____ “Take off your sandals,” the Lord told Moses, “for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” At the time, the Israelites were cruelly oppressed as slaves to the Egyptians. “Save us!” God’s people cried. God heard. He cared. He chose Moses to deliver them. One problem. Moses didn’t know God. So, God introduced himself. He manifested in a bush aflame, yet not consumed. As Moses drew near to investigate, the Lord called out, “Take off your sandals.” Moses was standing on holy ground. He