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The Cornerstone | Matthew 21:42

Welcome to Real Life . “Everyone feels like an outcast.” –Lina AbuJamra [1] “The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.” (Matthew 21:42 NIV) Everyone else did it right. The workshop leader gave a writing prompt and five minutes to create. Then, one-by-one, she asked us to read our work. (Wait a minute. Did she say we’d be sharing?) Everyone else wrote a short essay—complete with beginning, middle, and ending. While I journaled disassociated thoughts and prayers inspired by the prompt. The class was kind when I read it. But I felt like the reject . That feeling of rejection was small compared to others I've experienced. No doubt, you can relate. Friends plan an event. You're not invited.  Applied for a job. Didn't get it. They never even called. A book, article, writing submission is rejected—multiple times. The one you love left. Never came back.  What’s amazing is that God, yes God himself, can relate. Because thousands followed Je