The Cornerstone | Matthew 21:42

Welcome to Real Life. “Everyone feels like an outcast.” –Lina AbuJamra[1]
“The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.”
(Matthew 21:42 NIV)
Everyone else did it right. The workshop leader gave a writing prompt and five minutes to create. Then, one-by-one, she asked us to read our work. (Wait a minute. Did she say we’d be sharing?) Everyone else wrote a short essay—complete with beginning, middle, and ending. While I journaled disassociated thoughts and prayers inspired by the prompt. The class was kind when I read it. But I felt like the reject.

That feeling of rejection was small compared to others I've experienced. No doubt, you can relate.
  • Friends plan an event. You're not invited. 
  • Applied for a job. Didn't get it. They never even called.
  • A book, article, writing submission is rejected—multiple times.
  • The one you love left. Never came back. 
What’s amazing is that God, yes God himself, can relate. Because thousands followed Jesus when he walked this earth, I tend to create an idealized image of him. Handsome, charming, popular. The one his class voted most-likely-to-succeed. But the Bible describes Jesus differently.
There was nothing beautiful or majestic about his appearance,
nothing to attract us to him.
He was despised and rejected… and we did not care.
(Isaiah 53:2-3 emphasis mine)
Jesus was rejected—especially by the religious hierarchy. Which is pretty ironic. For their purpose was to know God, follow him, and help others do so. But when God put on flesh, he came in a way least expected. Born to a working-class family. No seminary degree, no formal religious training. Not attractive in his appearance or background. Anybody who was somebody thought Jesus was nobody.

And yet, the rejected stone has become the cornerstone. Of 110 billion people[2] who ever lived, Jesus Christ is the most important. His advent split history—A.D. and B.C. A third of the current world population call themselves Christian; it is the largest religious group.[3] He is the foundation of every believer’s life, faith, and hope for eternity.

Jesus is my cornerstone. 

Because Jesus felt the sting of rejection, we can take our wounded, rejected hearts to him. He understands. He cares. And he promises to never reject us.[4]

Not only that, the Cornerstone lives in me, and you, and all who receive him. Like Jesus, we may not look like much. Everybody who’s somebody might think we’re nobody. When, in truth, we’re daughters and sons of the King. We’ll take our seats around the family table at the marriage supper of the Lamb. When we arrive at heaven's door, Jesus himself will welcome us home.

So if you're feeling rejected, my friend, rejoice. You’re in good company!

Back to that writing workshop. The prompt given was “the stone the builders rejected” verse. Rejection can be the impetus of something good. Do not despise small beginnings.[5]
Rejection puts you out of your comfort zone which is usually when you’re at your best.
–Stewart Stafford
Dearest Lord Jesus,
Heal our wounded, rejected hearts.

May we never reject you, but open our hearts wide to you.
Thank you for suffering rejection for our sake.
We love you, Lord. Amen.

Photo credit:  Calvin Tustan
[1] Founder of Today’s Single Christian Radio Program, heard on Thursday, April 5, 2018 during a guest  interview on Brian and Kathleen Mornings, Moody Radio Cleveland, 103.3 FM.
[4] “However, those the Father has given me will come to me, and I will never reject them.” (John 6:37 NLT).
[5] Zechariah 4:10


  1. Thanks for sharing all of your insights!

  2. "Anybody who was somebody thought Jesus was nobody." ---> That is such a great sentence! And I've honestly never viewed Jesus how you described Him, although I know all of those things to be true. Thanks for painting such a good picture!

    And I also loved this: "Rejection can be the impetus of something good. Do not despise small beginnings." Amen! Grateful for the encouragement today!

    1. Thanks, Jacqui! After the workshop, I felt like the Lord kept bringing up the rejected/cornerstone verse in my mind. Glad it encouraged you. :)


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