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Come Home to God | 2 Cor. 5:19-21

Welcome to Real Life . Is God mad at me? “The grace in God’s heart is always bigger than the sin in my life.” –Pastor Jonathan Schaeffer While listening to Moody Radio the other day, I heard a man named Julian call in and tell the program host, in tears, “It’s time. I want to come home to God.” Julian knew God. He believed in Christ as his Savior. Earlier in life, he had walked with God, attended church, and prayed. But, somewhere along life’s journey, Julian walked away. Far from God, Julian had become addicted to cocaine. His life was crumbling. He knew he needed God. So, he began looking for a way home. He turned to Christian radio. Along with thousands in Radioland , I listened as Julian prayed with the host. I witnessed his homecoming. It was holy ground. Julian wasn't the only one in tears. Are you and God at odds? Do you think God is mad at you? As a young woman, I lived far from God. Though I believed in God and attended church, I did not know him. My heart