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The Beginning of the End | The Book of Revelation

Welcome to Real Life . It (real life) is getting scary!  Don't wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects. –Roger Zelaznyr “Wow! These prices are crazy-high,” I commented to the woman standing in line with me at the cold-cut counter. “This inflation is scary.” “Yes, it is. It’s biblical you know,” she replied. No doubt, the last few years have been tumultuous with a pandemic, racial injustice, deep divisions in our nation and the church, an insurrection, war in Ukraine and the accompanying threat of nuclear war, mass shootings, and now runaway inflation. Is this biblical? Do these events signal the beginning of the end? Are these the labor pains that will give birth to the final seven years of life on this planet—the Great Tribulation? I happen to be reading Revelation right now. It’s not an easy read. In his final years, the apostle John was imprisoned for his faith on the isle of Patmos. There, not only does Jesus Christ reveal himself to John, he tr