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Will You Lay Aside Your Crown? | Philippians 2

Welcome to Real Life . A recent sermon reminded me of a question. We can't all be princesses. Someone has to clap when I walk by. -Anonymous Little girls often dream of becoming a princess. A few years ago, we encouraged women to embrace their identity as princesses by attending our Daughters of the King Retreat . In preparation for the event, I was preparing a devotional for a committee meeting. I fell asleep asking God what he wanted to say to these women. The next morning, I awoke with a question on my mind.  Will you lay aside your crown?  Retreats provide a much-needed break from responsibilities, as well as an opportunity to rest, have fun, and draw near to God. At this retreat, we sought to pamper the women like princesses. We decorated with jeweled, satin pillows, and crowns; each woman received a tiara; and a princess greeted attendees (photo below). Although we, the committee, are also daughter-of-the-King princesses, we didn't attend expecting to be pampered. We had