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Naaman's Leprosy | 2 Kings 5

Welcome to Real Life . Some battles cannot be won… apart from God. Not much frightens me. I’ve faced many foes and walked away the victor. In fact, my courage is legendary in the nation of Aram. It’s why I, Naaman, was promoted to commander of the king’s army. But, I’ve never faced an enemy like this. When the skin of my forearm began to itch and flake, I thought little of it... an irritation, nothing more. It was when my arm grew numb and so weak I could barely lift my sword that I became concerned. I am nothing without my might. The king called in his most skilled herbalists. They treated me with powerful elixirs. But, my condition only worsened. It was the diagnosis I dreaded—leprosy. When I told my wife, she fainted. Afterward, she could barely eat. She couldn't sleep. She tried, unsuccessfully, to hold back tears in my presence. Her maidservant readily noticed my wife's anxiety. The girl offered a bold suggestion, “There is a prophet in Israel. His God can cu