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The Cleansing Power of Grace | Titus 2

Welcome to Real Life . Our world sorely lacks grace. Lines are drawn. Judgment is swift. We hear without listening. Decide before seeking to understand. [Grace likes us--even tired and crabby.] While grace listens, understands, loves. Grace issues a warning instead of a ticket. Grace wipes the spill with a smile. Grace likes us—even tired and crabby.  Grace finds beauty beyond wrinkles. Grace hugs a rebellious child. Grace hears the hurting heart behind harsh words. Grace is a gift, never earned, most appreciated when least deserved. We want grace, don't we? I want you to like me even tired and crabby. But we don't always want to give it. “Grace isn’t fair. Evil people should be punished,” someone once told me. A terrorist falls on his knees, begs God’s forgiveness, and trusts in Christ.  He doesn’t deserve grace.  Until I see. I am the terrorist. I can be cruel, arrogant, ugly. None of us deserve it. That's grace. When we don't get what we deser