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His Treasure | Deuteronomy 7:6

Welcome to Real Life . What’s in a name? “What you believe about yourself will determine the direction of your life.” [1] When you see Amazon , what comes to mind? It's probably the online retailer that carries everything from A to Z, right? Our name is our brand. It’s who and what we are. But more than that, it can be who we become. Amazon did not always carry 12 million products. They began as an online bookstore. Amazon grew into their name. Clearly, God recognizes that names are tied to destiny. For this reason, he sometimes renames individuals to align with their calling. Abram (exalted father) was renamed  Abraham (father of many). At the time, he had no child with Sarah. But Abraham would eventually become the patriarch of Israel. [2]   When the Lord first appeared to Gideon, he called him a mighty warrior . [3] At that moment, Gideon so feared his enemies he was hiding in a wine press. But with God’s help, Gideon defeated the Midianites and grew into his calling. [4]