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"The Gift of Life" by Mae Giganti

Welcome to Real Life . Today's guest post celebrates the gift of life! “This baby's not going to make it,” the doctor said with a twinge of regret. At least she showed a subtle feeling of sadness. The previous evening, the house doctor had been uncaring and cold. Without making eye contact, he muttered, “You’ll probably lose this baby.” His bloodied gloves and the nurses' grave expressions should have indicated to me that my baby was in danger. I’d known happier times. At four months, my nausea and extreme fatigue gradually faded as the kicking grew stronger each day. Seeing the image of a restless, growing baby on the ultrasound made her more real. I felt her dance inside my womb. How wonderful is the gift of life! Words cannot adequately express my sense of wonder. On Mother's Day, we celebrated this gift, now five months alive. Then, I noticed a little spotting of blood. “Nothing to really worry about,” I told my husband. But, questions haunted my mind. Just as my c

Jesus' Temptation in the Desert | Luke 4:1-13

Welcome to  Real Life . Rule of War: Know your enemy.  When I step towards God, I step away from evil. The enemy loses ground. He’s not happy. He’ll fight to regain it. To defeat his attacks, it helps if I recognize his strategies.  Image from Catholic Online Satan was about to lose critical ground in this world, for the Son of God was about to launch his public ministry. First, Jesus prepares by spending 40 days fasting and praying in the desert. He’s hungry. That's when the enemy strikes. Evil Strategy 1 – Plant doubt.    IF you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread. Jesus came to save us from our sins. [1] Only God can do this. If Jesus doubted his identity, he could not fulfill his mission. Satan easily cripples me with doubt. You call yourself a child of God, writer, teacher, (fill in the blank)? You’re selfish, weak, pitiful. How can God use someone like you? Evil Strategy 2 – Attack when weak.      Tell this stone to become bread. Jesus is p

A Sinful Woman Brings Jesus a Gift | Luke 7

Welcome to Real Life . Have you ever owed a debt you could not repay? I may be bold, but I never planned to actually enter Simon’s house. I was going to wait outside and catch Jesus when he left. However, as I approached the gate, I noticed it had been left unlatched. No servants were nearby. So, I slipped inside, keeping my head down. I followed the voices to the dining room. At least a dozen Pharisees reclined around the table. Jesus was just inside the doorway, facing the opposite direction. When I felt his nearness, I was overcome. I began to weep and dropped to my knees behind him.  I really didn't want to cry in front of these men. But, I couldn't stop. My heart grieved over every evil thing I had done. "I'm so sorry," I whispered. My tears fell over Jesus’ feet, washing away the road dust. I let down my long hair and used it to dry them. These precious feet brought me hope. I bent down and kissed them.  Then, I took out the gift—an alabaster jar of p