What Pleases the Lord? | Ephesians 4-5

Welcome to Real Life. The best gifts come from the heart.

“Carefully determine what pleases the Lord.”
Ephesians 5:10, NLT

In my early years of marriage, I found it difficult to buy gifts for my mother-in-law. Though she graciously received them, nothing thrilled her. Her daughters’ gifts, however, never failed to make her eyes shine. Over time, I came to understand what pleased Mom. Her favorite gift: a dinner-date with her son. She really didn’t need one more pretty thing. Time with her only son was a precious gift.

What gifts make my Father-God's eyes shine? Maybe it's easier to start with what doesn't please him. Let’s stop lying and stealing. Let’s get rid of all bitterness, rage, and anger. Let there be no sexual immorality, impurity, or greed among us. (Ephesians 4:25, 28, 31, 5:3).

I often write about love and grace. God’s love is unconditional. His grace is bottomless. I can’t get enough of either. This doesn’t mean God’s okay with sin. He’s not. The kingdom of Christ is holy, pure, full of light. No dark corners. Sin darkens and destroys all that is good, pure, and beautiful. Our God gets pretty angry about that. We should to.

Yes, we stumble and fall. But Light overcomes darkness. Let's carefully determine what pleases the Lord.

I’m one of those annoying, type A perfectionists. I write about grace and love because I tend to leave them behind in my rush to accomplish. Due to my bent, I always think God wants more and better from me. (See Pure Simple Faith.) He doesn't. That's not what makes his eyes shine.

While on vacation, I found a quiet place to seek God and ponder what pleases him. I admired his eternal blue sky, freshly puffed clouds, and carefree pines sashaying in the breeze. I felt completely one with my God in his backyard. My heart bubbled praise, joy, and love. I longed to remain with him forever.

“This pleases me, my child,” my Father told me.

My aunt wrote something profound the other day, “Responding is what the Lord is longing for from us.” Have you responded to him today? He’s calling you. Don’t let sin darken the Light and silence his voice. Run to God. Carefully determine what pleases the Lord.

Dearest Father,
I want a heart that wants to please you.
Ears in tune with your voice.
Overcome all darkness in me,

All that pulls me away from you.
Hold me close, my God.

Have you discovered what makes our Father-God's eyes shine? I'd love to hear about it! Please leave me a comment.


  1. So good. You always make me wish I was getting my writing done. But, my wife is starting to get noticed in the special needs community. I think you might enjoy her work. Here is her first one to be published outside her own blog: http://www.comfortinthemidstofchaos.com/2017/07/balance-and-family-vacation.html

  2. Thanks, Sean. I wondered what was happening with your writing. It's wonderful to hear you're supporting your wife's writing. I didn't know she had her own blog. I'm going to check both out!

  3. Love these thoughts Peggi....thank you for getting them down for us to hear God's heart via your stillness. It seems that Gods eyes shine when we give Him ALL of our heart in worship, praising Him without any concerns about looking a certain way or being foolish. I'm happy to be a fool for Christ if He is pleased and glorified, with shining eyes, by my love offering to Him.

    1. Hi, Elizabeth. Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate your perspective as a woman who passionately worships the Lord. Beautiful words!


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