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Welcome to Real Life. Sometimes it’s difficult to slow the pace of life, even on a vacation. 

North Myrtle Beach, S.C.
I’ve been on vacation for five days.[1] But, today is the first day it felt like I was on a vacation. It’s taken five days for a sense of rest to penetrate my soul. It’s taken five days to quiet the nagging voice that says, “Don’t just sit there. Do something! Exercise, read, shop, study or write. Be productive. Make the best use of this free time.” 

As the nagging voice fades, I hear the Spirit’s gentle whisper, “Be still. Rest in my presence. Find me in the warmth of the sun, the caress of the gentle breeze and the rhythm of the ocean’s waves. It’s time to slow down. Step away from non-stop activity. Get in step with me.”

I tend to live life in a hurry. God’s never in a hurry. He is eternal. He created time and dwells outside the realm of time. What I strive to accomplish in days or weeks or even years, he does in a moment.

My problem is that the older I am, the more tempted I am to speed up. Years pass quickly. My babies are now in their twenties. My parents and in-laws battle the cruel maladies of old age. Their struggles are a continual reminder of my own mortality. This drives me to accomplish all I can while I still can.

But I wonder. Is this heightened sense of urgency from God? Certainly, he wants me to make the best use of my time. Does this mean I should work faster to accomplish more?

I think about Jesus. He lived on earth a mere 33 years. His public ministry only spanned three years. Yet in that relatively short period, he accomplished everything – God’s entire plan. It did not take long years of hard service. How did he do it? The Son walked in perfect step with the Father.[2]

God’s not in a hurry. He is not pushing me to move faster to accomplish more. For the faster I go, the further I move from his steady, peaceful cadence. And the further out of step I am, the less effective I become.[3] In my rush to do more, I accomplish less (to my great frustration).

So, today I will heed the Spirit’s call. I will rest. Be still. I will slow down and get in step with God. For there is no better use of my time this day. That's Real Life.

Dear Lord, help me to slow down and get in step with you, 
not just on vacation, but every day. 

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[1] I wrote this in 2010 while on vacation.
[2] John 5:19
[3] John 15:4
Image taken by my son last week in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.


  1. My Dear Peggi,
    Thank you for this teaching. I needed it to read and hear it this morning. And I have decided to slow down today and take time to listen to the inner voice within me. In fact, I will do it tomorrow also. So many things have been happening and coming at me and like you said, I got caught up in what I must do. Thank you. This article I will tweet and pass along on my Facebook pages. It is just that important to hear.
    Love you.


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