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The Cornerstone | Matthew 21:42

Welcome to Real Life. “Everyone feels like an outcast.” –Lina AbuJamra[1]
“The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.”
(Matthew 21:42 NIV) Everyone else did it right. The workshop leader gave a writing prompt and five minutes to create. Then, one-by-one, she asked us to read our work. (Wait a minute. Did she say we’d be sharing?) Everyone else wrote a short essay—complete with beginning, middle, and ending. While I journaled disassociated thoughts and prayers inspired by the prompt. The class was kind when I read it. But I felt like the reject.

That feeling of rejection was small compared to others I've experienced. No doubt, you can relate.
Friends plan an event. You're not invited. Applied for a job. Didn't get it. They never even called.A book, article, writing submission is rejected—multiple times.The one you love left. Never came back.  What’s amazing is that God, yes God himself, can relate. Because thousands followed Jesus when he walked th…