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A God-Full Day

Welcome to Real Life. Occasionally, my to-do lists backfire.

It's January. A fresh year's before us. I want to make it count. So, I begin writing to-do lists. My desk is scattered with them:
Goals for 2019To-Do TodayPrep for MentoringWriting Projects to Complete  In the morning, I feel fresh, inspired, and ambitious. I tend to crank out these lists. I thrive on productivity. When you finish something, doesn't it feel good to cross it off a list?
And yet, our strengths can also be our weaknesses. Because I’m driven to go-do-accomplish, this morning, my lists overwhelm me. I’m pulled in too many directions. My mind scattered like my desk full of lists. It’s difficult to focus. So, I pray.

Calm me, Lord.  Quiet my noisy thoughts so I can hear your heart.  And enter your Holy Place.[1]
There, I hear his still small voice.
You are placing importance on things unimportant. Before the work, Peggi, comes you—your heart, mind, and spirit. 
Until our hearts are right, our actions are sim…