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Mercy, Not Sacrifice | Matthew 9:9-13

Welcome to Real Life. For a long time, I had this verse taped to the wall by my kitchen sink. I needed the daily reminder.

Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrifice.
My elderly parents were living in Florida when their health began to fail. After Mom lost her lower leg to poor circulation, she landed in a nursing facility for rehabilitation. These facilities do the best they can with the staff they have. But, I knew Mom needed more attention than they could provide. So, I devised a plan to move my parents into my home in Ohio for a 6-week boot camp and whip Mom back into shape. (I know...pretty naïve, right?) Those six weeks stretched into a year.[1]

It felt like (and it was) a huge sacrifice. Our lives changed drastically. One morning as I read God’s Word, He spoke this verse to me…

Go and learn what this means, Peggi: I desire mercy, not sacrifice.
I had the wrong focus. God wasn’t impressed by my sacrifice. He was concerned with my heart? My parents were losing t…