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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Welcome to Real Life. Happiness is being nominated for an award!

Why did you start blogging? To inspire. My blog is called Real Life. Some would say our work-eat-sleep-repeat existence is real life. And I guess it is, because survival is real. But I want more, don’t you? God’s planted this something more desire in our hearts.[1] Jesus came to give us an abundant life. That’s the life I’m talking ‘bout. My blog is a reminder, an invitation, an inspiration to an extraordinary Real Life in Christ.

Who is your favorite blogger? I’ve listed a few below. Most recently, the wife of a blogger friend launched her own “my life with girlie” blog about their special needs daughter. Her posts grow my heart.

What keeps you going and motivated? God gave me a passionate desire to encourage others. That’s why I write. I didn’t start writing until my late 40’s. So, my skills aint the best, and I get discouraged. Still, I love it. When I write, I enter that parallel universe where I lose all sense of time…

Grandma's Gift

Welcome to Real Life. Some gifts never stop giving.

“Peggi, can you come over?” my grandmother asked by phone. “I want to give you something.”

I was a young wife then. My grandmother, the once robust matriarch, had grown frail after a recent by-pass operation. As I entered her kitchen, I noticed a box and some newspaper on the counter. She opened a cupboard.

“Peggi, I want you to take my china,” she said. My heart sank. Her china was gorgeous. I loved it. I felt deeply honored. But accepting her gift meant closing the door of an era.

“No! Grandma, you’ll use these dishes again,” I protested, fighting to keep that door open. Oh, the culinary delights I devoured on these dishes while safe and warm in childhood’s womb. I picked up the sugar bowl. And I saw my younger self in a gaggle of siblings and cousins. We huddled around our treasure on my grandparents’ dining table in the basement. We sucked our index fingers, dipped them in the sugar bowl, and licked off the sweet crystals. Sugar…